Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Forgive the lack of Sarcasm

Well I guess I can't be Sarakastic all the time, although I do try. Yesterday at the last minute I got to participate in a live nativity scene. The only reason I went was because it reminded me of "Gilmore Girls". Every year the "reenacters" recreate the evening when Paul Revere rode through the town & said that the British were coming. All of the able bodied men waited in the town square in the cold Conneticut evening & the British never came, Luke calls it the battle that never happened. So to me, this was so "Stars Hallow", I just had to go to it. I had a rare moment of wanting to be a part of the community. I ended up playing Myrrh. I stood out in the cold for an hour counting cars, no one stopped or even really slowed down. I realized that in the 4 times I've been around these people, (halloween, a birthday party, some other event which I don't remember & now a nativity) 3 of those times I was wearing a tiara or crown of some sort. That's a 75% tiara wearing ratio. I like those odds. I may only wear a crown from now on. I'm sure that the 21 cars that drove past appreciated it too.

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Liza's Eyeview said...

That's a Christmas Spirit! - participating in a community event :)