Friday, June 15, 2007


Ok, granted I do make fun of a lot of things, but even this one stood out as being extra weird, uber weird even. Yesterday, after two months of trying, I was finally able to open a savings account. I already have a checking account, my credit score is near perfect. It took me three banks & numerous paperwork to open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT. I can understand if it was a mortgage, but I'm trying to give these people a big pile of money, what's so hard about that? I was informed that it was because of the Patriot Act.

I finally came home triumphant, even though my savings account has a low interest rate, & I actually have to walk into the bank to get money out, no online transfers. Welcome back to 1957. On my voicemail a "don't answer" had called & asked me to go help him pick up a gun. I'm not usually for gun control, but my theory on it is this "Stupid people shouldn't have guns". It was just a nice juxtaposition, it takes me two months to get a savings account, but basically anyone can get a gun.

My second rant is when did going to pick up a gun become a date? Especially if the girl hasn't responded to your two previous phone calls and/or invitations, or ever shown any inclination to go gun shopping. Well wait, let me see if I have enough time to get my hair done.

It's nothing against this guy, I'm sure he's perfectly fine & capable of handling a firearm. However, this seems to be happening with a lot of different guys. A date is going to dinner, a walk in the park, the symphony. A date is not going to the grocery store, or to pick something up. It should be magical, there should be a thousand yellow daises. At least I now hold the record for the worst ask out ever.


Megan said...

'a gun rack? i don't even own A gun, let alone enough guns to constitute owning a gun rack.' the worst ask out ever reminded me strongly of the worst gift ever, a la wayne's world.

LEstes65 said...

Wow. Now THAT's romance! Think of the deep bond that could have started. Haven't you seen Natural Born Killers? Come on. You might have just missed your perfect murderous soul mate!!!

ellesappelle said...

It is so weird that that sort of thing actually happens in real life. I cannot believe someone actually asked you out to go and buy a gun. It sounds like a gag from a Bridget Jones book.

Natalia said...

My dad has guns. I find it kinda scary. He is responsible. But I just wish they didn't exist at all, I guess. But since that is not gonna happen, if people who mean you harm can have them, I guess it's good that you can have them to protect yourself against them.

And yes, that anyone can get a gun on the spot and it takes months to get other simpler stuff done is one of those inconsistencies that baffle me to the point of driving me mad.


Stacy said...

That's crazy that it took so long for you to get a savings account. Did they know about your plans for Canada? And yes, you probably could get a gun in 24 hours or less.

Boys are weird.

Beth said...

Your Majesty! All hail the queen for the worst ask out ever! This calls for a tiara!

Trish Ryan said...

What's really troubling is that he probably had far less trouble buying a gun than you did opening a savings account.

Are you keeping track of all these stories? For a book, perhaps????

JenKneeBee said...

an extra big tiara! i'm so going to have to use that as an ask out sometime. usually i'm against girls asking boys out, but if I had something that cool to do, i'd definately be willing to break my rule.