Monday, February 23, 2009

Meme chock full of awesomeosity

I've always been a little confused as to why my parents named me Sara. Granted, it means princess. It's weird for me to have a very common name. At one point I put a silent 5 in the middle of my name to distinguish myself from all the other Saras in my high school. If you walk into a family gathering you will hear "Safivera" & then me yelling "The 5 is silent." Allie just made this meme where you put your name + another word into google & then you share your funny funny answers with the blogsphere. I have omitted a few of the answers because they referred to SaraH Palin. No thank you.

Sara looks like:
*trouble Waiting to happen
*a marionette

Sara likes:
*to sing
*a guy (add 'kicking' to that sentence & it's spot on.)

Sara Says:
*Awesome (Ok, so obviously you have met Sara.)

Sara wants:
*to feed aquafina to goldfish
*wants to do a duet with dallas green
*wants to know

Sara hates:
*old music
*everyone (I'm starting to think that the name Sara suits me after all)

Now with the next one, the answers were very messed up but resulted in hilarity.

Sara Can:
*I call you joe barricuda
*Sara Spawn of Satan
*life would be easy if it weren't for other people (It's like google is inside my brain)

Sara goes:
*hurtling off sideways
*goes pop

Sara is
*a symbol of freedom (Thanks for noticing)
* is controlled by a configuration file (I'm a robot? That is not good news)
* is my sister (Probably, I have 6 brothers)

Sara Loves
*cobbler (Truer words..)
*twilight (Not really. I 'll admit that I thought these were the dullest vampires ever. Vampires are supposed to be awesome)

I added the last category because I wanted a new title like Sara the Great

Sara the
*musical walrus


Stacy said...

Those are great! Musical walrus?

Allie said...

I echo Stacy... Sara the musical walrus? That's not so far off "Sara the great"... well no actually it is. And who would call a musical walrus Sara, anyway? You'd think it would at least be Humphrey or something.

Casey said...

These are funny! "trouble Waiting to happen." From what i've read of your blogs so far, it looks like there's only trouble for the boys you will have to kick later...

Barrie said...

SaFIVEra!??? Priceless!

Guess what my word verification was: ANGSTE

Which is exactly how I'm feeling.

~Virginia~ said...


i've never had cobbler, but i imagine it to be like pie.

i've now added "angry little girls in love" to my to-be-read list.

that movie with lauren graham (lucky 13) is...odd. very abrupt ending. the things i subject myself to in the name of gilmore girls. :)

LEstes65 said...

This makes me laugh. I have a friend that once introduced himself to me as, "Hi I'm Peter. The 3 is silent." So I periodically call him Pethreeter.

Have a great day, princess.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

How perfect is it that 'awesome' showed up in your Googling??

I posted a few of my results for this meme in the comments of Virginia's blog. My favorite was
Alyssa is not too small for karate. And, of course, Alyssa says frozen yogurt is cold.

rubytuesdays said...

I'm so curious about this musical walrus! How fabulous a pet would that be? More people should have pet walruses...they're too big to be carried around in purses.