Friday, April 30, 2010

Note to Self:

Every year I go through the same thing so I'm writing a letter to myself so it doesn't happen next year. I always get so excited to get fruit at the grocery store now that it's spring I'm like 'Ohh look it's my favorite flavor of candy but in fruit'. Then I don't get watermelon because it seems too expensive so I end up with cantaloupe or honeydew cause it's less expensive. Then I wonder why my grocery bill is so high. Only when I get home do I notice that I just bought an $8 cantaloupe. Next year just buy candy, arrange it in the shape of a melon and then wait until May.




Allie said...

Dangerous isn't it! I have periodic "healthy eating" shopping sprees in which I am completely unrealistic about the amount of fruit I will eat.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

'my favorite flavor of candy but in fruit' :)

that is just classic!

but you're right--it is so hard to wait. just remember it will taste better in May too!

Stacy said...

I'd like to know where that cantaloupe came from. It better have been grown by a ninja. Do ninjas dabble in farming in their off-hours?

Word verification: "Eativ." Perhaps the act of eating overpriced produce?

LEstes65 said...

You need to come visit me. We have watermelon in season WAY longer than anywhere else in the country I've ever lived. And my mom taught me how to buy them so their ripe enough but not too ripe. We've been noshing on one today with the sick boy home.