Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Legend of Antonio

My first thought when the phone rang at 6:45 am was that whoever was calling obviously did not know me. I figured that they'd call back or leave a voicemail if it was an emergency. If it was a wrong number they would hear my voice on the message and never call back. A few days later, the same thing happened. This time I picked up the phone.

Them: "Antonio?"
Me: "Not even close"

This is where it became quite apparent that there was a huge language barrier here. Whatever I said was understood as "Antonio is not here right now, please keep calling me early in the morning asking for him". Try as I might it keeps happening every few days. What's worse is that I was looking through a lot of my phone numbers today trying to find one that wasn't in my contact list and already hit “call” before I realized that I was not calling who I wanted and this definitely wasn't going to help my case of "I don't know you. I am not Antonio". Try as I might I can not even come up with sarcastic scenarios where other human beings need to call each other at 6:45 in the morning time on both weekdays and weekends.


Allie said...

How bizarre!
I once got a long stream of text messages at about 2 or 3am saying something along the lines of "how dare you break Claire's heart you dickhead" and then "don't ignore me you *&%$#" etc etc. All fun and games!

Stacy said...

Never date Antonio. He's a morning person who will likely ask you to go hiking at 5 AM.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Maybe he's in Spain, and it's actually a reasonable hour there.

Maybe learn a quick, sarcastic Spanish phrase to say in reply.

Maybe he's a ninja and you should chat him up a bit. ;)

LEstes65 said...

I'm thinking it's the same guy who literally pounded on my sister's front door at 5am. When my bro-in-law answered, the guy (also unable to speak English well) got the idea across that he was there to catch his ride to work from some guy named [can't recall but insert Spanish name here]. They have to be related.