Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Awesome Stuff I Must Do

Sometimes I think "That would be awesome but usually the type of people who do things like that end up sawing off their own arms to escape something. I'll pass." Maybe I do that a little too much. Here is a list of awesome stuff I want to do, some of it scary, some of it not.

1. Own a gazebo.
2. Go kayaking, not just once, but become a person who kayaks.
3. After I meet someone cool enough, get a mountain tandem bicycle.
4. Find out what those weird human bubble/hamster wheel things are called and then do that. (After several google attempts in what may be the weirdest search string ever, I think it's called a zorb)

1 comment:

LEstes65 said...

5. Go to Austin and eat tons of BBQ with Lynette.