Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Moth and The Bee

Every morning I wake up and there is a dead moth on my doormat and a dead bee on the outside windowsill. I give them a proper burial. The next morning...same thing...same place. I can only conclude:

1. Insect fight club.
2. I'm stuck in the lamest version of the movie Groundhogs Day ever.
3. Mob has taken notice of my constant ridicule of show Mob Wives.
3a. Mob has hit hard economic times...instead of horse heads, insects.

Any other theories?


heidikins said...




Stacy said...

You need Nancy Drew on the case.

I never figured out the mystery of the doughnut that magically appeared on my outside sill, so I don't expect to crack The Case of the Insect Murders.

Allie said...

3a, for sure.
Weird things happen to you!

Allie said...

3a, for sure.
Weird things happen to you!

LEstes65 said...

Here's one you didn't consider: Maybe your secret ninja admirer doesn't really understand how to get your attention. He's leaving you little hints. The moth speaks to how he is drawn to the FLAME of your amazing beauty. The bee . . . um . . . he thinks you're sweet like honey!!! Oh dear. I'm not helping.

PS - my word verification? "smort" Blogger knows it's me!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

That was hilarious! And I'm astounded that you have come up with so many viable explanations!

I hope you're keeping a daily log... :)

Shonquinta said...

I've been having problems with those tiny bugs that like to fly around the porch lights at night! Soon as I open my front door they come inside of the house. They are so tiny and fly so fast that swatting at them doesn't do any good :(