Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm my favorite

I know what you're thinking, that snowman bears a startlingly resemblance to Bjork. OK so one of my favorite links this week is...ME. I built a Bjork snowperson & I think that deserves a little credit. Yes it's probably a little tacky to link to myself, but I went OUTSIDE, with the SNOW. I guess I'll have to get used to when it when I'm ruling Canada.

The next two links are for some of the most brilliant writers I've ever seen. They are welcome to be my vice-presidents in Canada (by vice-presidents, I mean has no power but does all my evil bidding. They will share the responsibilities so no one gets any big ideas about usurping).

The first is Trish, she has a book coming out that makes me think that 2008 will just not come fast enough. Blast you 2007, blast you. Although Trish may have other responsibilities with her upcoming presidency & everything.

Trish introduced me to Stacey. By introduced I mean I saw Stacey's comments on Trish's blog & thought, you must be my friend now ha! Everything she writes is brilliant but this is my personal favorite.


Happi said...

And that is the coolest snowman I've ever seen. : ) Thanks for checking out my blog!

belinda said...

haha, this is too funny! i really like the björk snowwoman :) (had to invent the word, but she's such a unique woman!). well done! and thanks for your kind comment, from another gilmore girl fan. happy new year!

Trish Ryan said...

I am duly honored! Is there a precedent for holding the office of President in the US and VP in Canada? I, for one, can't see any reason why an organized person couldn't handle both posts with aplomb if they put their mind to it and memorized both anthems...

Just like Barak Obama, I'm releasing my memoirs to push my name to the top of the election heap. He traveled the world to find his roots, graduated from Harvard Law and became a Senator. I traveled the northeast to find a husband, dabbled in several bizarre and unhelpful spiritual practices, and became the owner of a fine mixed-breed dog. It's all about amassing the right credentials :)

Stacy said...

Love the Bjork snowperson. We don't have any snow in Michigan right now, but so I can't build any snowpersons, Bjork or generic.

My minions and I would be honored to serve you in Canada. I guess, it's "honoured" isn't it, since we'll become Canadians? Shall I send Mikhail to you so you can start planning your strategy?

Mark Base said...

I'm also your favourite.

You just don't know it yet.