Monday, January 08, 2007

Why I won't date Van Gogh

Someone at the Biography channel is as sick as I am. They just launched a new "Who is your dead celebrity" soulmate calculator. The only problem with this is they don't have the code to paste to share on your blog. You put in your information, your ideal soulmates information & then you are provided with 3 "bachelors". My choices were:

1. Van Gogh. I'm going to say no to this one, just way too much drama. He wouldn't understand that it is all about me. I'm just not into the whole "famous after dead" thing.

2. Casanova. There seems to be some flaw in the dead soulmate calculator. They really should get NASA working on this right away. He also wouldn't understand that it's all about me, & I have a zero tolerance policy for womanizers.

3. Pancho Villa. Yes please, finally someone to help me in my world domination, just as long as he doesn't try to usurp me later.

After you pick your choice, you get to see what they think of you, by taking a quiz. Pancho Villa wants me to ride off into the sunset with him. So who is your dead celebrity soulmate?


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I got Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Allen Poe, and Vincent Van Gogh. Tough one, but I think I'd go with da Vinci...

Stacy said...

How hilarious! I love it.

You definitely need someone who will help you with world domination. Well, maybe not NEED, because I'm sure you can handle it yourself, but help is always appreciated.

Girl Friday said...

This is crazy nuts! I love it! My three dead dudes are: Edgar Allan Poe, Van Gogh, and Rudolph Valentino.

According to the quiz I'm driving Poe mad and on our first date we might end up at the local library, or the local Goth club. For a a real good time I should take him to a quiet, unpopulated spot-- for instance, a cellar or a graveyard. Joy!