Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Better than a Pulitzer

I have under my bed, because that is where I keep my books, New York Times Best Sellers & Pultizer Prize winning books. I did not write them, but I own them, & for me, that's enough. I don' t think a Pulitzer Prize winner would use all those commas. I like the shiny seals on the books, but recently I've been noticing "Winner of the Booker Prize" & "Winner of the Whitbread First Novel Award". Basically, you can put the shiny seal on anything, & I will go "ohh award winning" & buy it.

It was a very auspicious year for me. I learned the word auspicious (maybe next year I will learn how to spell it). I won the "Times Person of the Year". Today, I noticed a comment on my other blog congratulating my win. I thought "why thank you kind spammer". Then I realized that it was made on an entry I wrote about an hp camera & why I needed one. Wow, I won a camera, & a photo printer. The more I thought about this, the more I liked it. Technically, it's better than a Pulitzer, because a Pulitzer can't take pictures. I am now an award winning...something. Whatever it is I am, it's award winning & that feels good. Now I understand why people brag about the "Whitbread First Novel Award". So faithful bloggers go make yourself an official seal & slap it on something, you'll feel much better.

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Trish Ryan said...

I want one of those seals for my book when it comes out...where do I apply???

Better yet, perhaps I can petition for Lorelai from Gilmore Girls to read my memoir in the scenes depicting her (inevitable) divorce from will inspire her to keep on for another season, praying daily for new writers for the show!