Thursday, February 22, 2007

Everything is strange

Stacy tagged me to tell 6 strange things about myself. My first thought was, "Only six?". However, there are several little pieces that I've been trying to fit into other posts, but they just don't work anywhere else.

1. Sometimes, late at night I watch "Los Destinos" on PBS. It is a 1990's grammar lesson for Spanish classes, that is disguised as a soap opera. I want to own them on DVD, if they even come on DVD. It's hilarious watching them try to weave a very dramatic plot of war & lost loves, around basic grammar. Here is an example: Phone Rings, Raquel picks up: "Alo? Yes, Yes, oh no he's dead? Let me go pack my clothes". Then we follow Raquel to her closet where she tells us the colors of all the clothes "red, blue, green, yellow". Then she breaks out with the color "salmon". I guess it was the 1990's. Salmon is still on of my favorite words.

2. I think there should be a cheesy breakfast cereal. Most other food types offer a variety of salty or sweet. You can have a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, or ham. However, cereal just comes in sweet.

3. For three days in high school I was too tired to be funny. Not wanting to lose my crown as the future leader of Canada, I decided to speak in a Scottish accent...for three days...straight. I couldn't get my old voice back.

4. My longest relationship has lasted a month. Yes, an entire month. It only lasted that long because I was on vacation for two weeks. It might have something to do with the fact that I think kicking is a sign of affection.

5. My dad built us a 10 foot tall fort when I was a kid. Whenever we got a new present, my four brothers would rush to the top of the fort & throw it off. They broke a big wheel & a tonka truck, along with many less impressive items. I miss that fort sometimes.

6. I had a Spanish professor who spoke 9 different languages. He insisted that out of all those languages, the most beautiful word was "Teguicigalpa". He swears that if you whisper this three times over candlelight you can make anyone fall in love with you. Teguicigalpa doesn't mean anything, it's just the name of a city in Honduras. I've never tried this, hence my month or less relationships.

I won't tag anyone for this meme, but if anyone wants to participate I would love it if you left your links in the comments.


LEstes65 said...

I like this one a lot. Especially the Scottish accent. In my 20s, a friend and I were enamoured with 'Room With A View'. He began referring to me as Lucia and I spoke with a proper English accent. He introduced me as Lucia to his coworkers (knowing full well I would never meet them again). Years later, as I walked down a main street of Boston, I hear someone yelling, "Lucia! LUCIA!!!" and this guy comes running up to grab me. I didn't know what the deal was and told him so in my ho-hum American accent. I wish I could remember what I said to him when he informed me that I had been introduced to him as Lucia and asked why I spoke like an American now. I have no idea what kind of lie or truth I told. But I do remember how hard my friend and I laughed when I called him to tell him about it.

Oh, and I took your non-tag. You can find me at

ellesappelle said...

Gosh... that is about the funniest thing I've read in, oh, 6 weeks? What can one say? Um, you have odd and funny brothers? I'm very impressed that you could keep up a Scottish accent for three whole days - and from now on teguicigalpa will be my seduction weapon-of-choice.

Stacy said...

Great list. I wish I could do accents. Or even impressions. I have this coworker who does the BEST Sean Connery. I am also jealous of your fort. Would your parents be interested in adopting a 28-year-old daughter? Tell them I'm financially independent and very polite.

--spared-- said...

Let's see... 6 strange things about me...

...wait while I figure out which ones I can bear to admit on a blog...

well there's 1) I hate when my food touches each other... 2) or pillows... pillows touching are equally annoying...3) I used to try to create giant booger balls with my cousins then leave them in strange places for people to find...4) If I leave the house for any reason I feel the need to take a shower and change clothes... 5) I start reading books from the last chapter then go to the first page...6) I like burnt toast.

JenKneeBee said...

Super cool dad! I think I'd like to have a 10 ft. tall fort to throw stuff off of. Thanks for linking my book blog!