Saturday, February 10, 2007

Past loves

As Valentine's day approaches I can't help but think about my past loves. I never was one to have normal crushes, even on celebrities. Nowadays, I'm normal, it's all about Matt Damon & Luke from "Gilmore Girls". Well, I guess I still do have a little not normal crush on Duff Goldman from the food network, but the man can make a wedding cake that looks like a rat, what isn't to love? This is my Valentine's Day/Abba Jabba gift to anyone who reads this. This would be much funnier if it wasn't actually true.

1. Growing Pains - The Complete First SeasonJeremy Miller from Growing Pains. Yes, a lot of people would've gone for a guest starring Leonardo Dicapro, but not me. I didn't even go for the young Brad Pitt that was also a guest star. I think the glasses got me. I love a boy in glasses, it makes them look not stupid. They probably still will be, but they can at least look smart. Also, he seems Canadian to me, very mellow & very happy. He isn't Canadian, but Alan Thicke is, so there is that connection. I think he would transition nicely. He recently starred in a McDonalds commercial.

2. The Mighty Ducks Danny Tamberelli, also known as the red haired kid in "Mighty Ducks" & Pete from "Pete & Pete". He was also on "All That" which was on Nickelodeon. He recently appeared in a commercial for "Wendy's". Wikipedia tells us that when he is not busy acting "He has worked for GoldBergs Bagles in Wyckoff, NJ for many years".

3. That Thing You Do! Steve Zahn. Whether it's "Reality Bites", "That thing you do" "Sahara" "Forces of Nature" or "You've got Mail", Steve always plays the weird, funny friend. He was my celebrity crush all the way through high school for his line in "That thing you do", "Are you crazy, a man in a really nice camper, wants to put our song on the radio". I was the only person who thought this line was funny, but it forever endeared him to me. Again, I thought he was Canadian, which is the highest compliment, but he is not. He hasn't recently appeared in any fast food commercials that I know of.

I interrupt this list to point out that apparently I'm attracted to the "other guy" whose face will always be in the corner or miniscule on a DVD cover.

4. Toby Keith. This was a very brief crush when he released that song about Huckleberries. I just thought it would be nice to have someone who could beat people up for me. I'm a pacifist. I got over that pretty fast.

5. I have a deep & abiding love for Michael Ian Black. First he was on the TV show "ED" about a lawyer who runs his office out of the bowling alley, & lots of those guys are Canadian. Then it was all the "I love the..." on VH1, where I sit through 20 minutes of the Quaker Rice Cakes snack girl just to see him. I even watched "Stella" for brief glimpses of him.

Stella - Season One

Please leave a comment & let me know who your weird celebrity crush is.


Trish Ryan said...

omigosh, I'll be back to share my crush as soon as I stop laughing at your fabulous sides hurt!

ellesappelle said...

Very nice! I've never actually heard of any of those men but I applaud them nonetheless.

I think my weirdest celebrity crush was Logan from the Babysitter's Club. And I'm not talking about an actor. I'm talking about the fictional character. But I don't tell that to many people so feel honoured.

Would you feel plagiarised if I made my own list on my blog? With reference to yours, of course?

Stacy said...

Very amusing. I've been trying to come up with my own unusual crushes. I'll probably recall after Valentines/Abba Jabba is over.

LEstes65 said...

Honestly, your list rocks and has inspired me to do the same on my blog. I'll have to do that later. But for now, I'll tell you the only one that popped into my head. Billy Zane. But the Billy Zane from the movie 'Orlando' - before he was pulled into attempts at making him an action hero (like the horrid 'Sniper 2'). I do have to say he's pretty hot bald - but I liked him best in his long-haired Orlando snippet.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'd have to say Nicolas Cage and Ben Stiller. They're just so quirky, weird, and funny.