Friday, February 16, 2007

Please don't read the lampshade

We all have our talents.  Mine is the ability to create band names.  I can't sing, or play an instrument, & I'm slightly tone deaf, but I can create band names with the best of them.  If anyone out there wants to use these, please feel free. 

Please don't read the lampshade.  I picture this being an indie rock band for some reason.  The name came about when I was in a thrift store, trying to convince my mom that this lampshade was classy.  It had French writing on it.  She said "What does it mean in French?  What if a French person comes to the house & the lampshade is swearing at them? ".  I replied, "Just tell them, please don't read the lampshade".

Red Dye #40:  This isn't a band to my knowledge, but it should be.  They could be a throwback to 90's alternative music & travel the world spreading the knowledge that food additives are bad for you.

Raindrop down the throat.  This was a random sentence uttered by a friend who was sticking their head out the window while driving in the rain.  It has a very lyrical sound to it.  Granted, if I transcribe the entire sentence it would "AUgh raindrop down the throat".  AUgh isn't very lyrical sounding, so it had to go.

I have to go look in the paper for "band naming" jobs.  It's my gift. What do you think should be a band name?

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Stacy said...

That's quite a talent. How are you at naming novels and short stories? That's a difficulty for me :)

LEstes65 said...

As someone who has been in plenty of bands whose names I HATED, I plan to enlist your talents the next time I venture back into the music scene.

Names coming from someone like you with such a creative mind sound a heck of a lot better than those that came from most of my drunk/stoned/lobotomized band mates. While I was able to veto a few bad ones, I was not able to avoid them all. Among the worst? "Glass" - this reminds me of Jan Brady's imaginary boyfriend. Honestly, did we just look around the kitchen and agree "Yah, glass! That's the name!"

Yes. I will come to you next time.

ellesappelle said...

Great band names! I agree, you really have a gift. I took a while before commenting because I was trying to think of some creative band names, but nothing came to me whatsoever so I acknowledge your genius all the more.