Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The post where I make my former college look bad

I was sitting in traffic today & glanced over at my fellow drivers, just to see if one of them was Matt Damon or Adam Brody. They weren't. I however did see a sign on the side of a van that said, "adept ______". (______ is not the actual name of the company, but a blank was used because I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or get sued, because I'm just too pretty for that to happen. _____ is the name of a common service).

Now I just looked up the definition of adept in the dictionary so I could make fun of it more accurately. If I go with the dictionary's definition of adept, my rant just won't be good. So as princess of everything, I will say that I have always taken adept to mean, passable, fair. Apparently it means exceptional, but I've never heard it used in such a sense. It's always been used in a "That was stupid, but you're family & going to rule Canada someday so I guess it's ok" context. Not that anyone around me would have cause to use it in such a context. So, if I think it's an odd name for a company, imagine what the masses are feeling. In order to save the good people of adept _______ who do not look like Matt Damon, may I suggest the following names:

Not so bad ________
Our Mom's don't hate us
Was not voted the most hated in high school
The opposite of appalling
Almost invisible
Mediocrity is better than crappy

This is exactly the reason why I should leave the naming of future children to Adam Brody.

P.S. I just noticed that I used the phrase "former college" instead of alma mater. They must be so proud at ______ college.


Stacy said...

I have no comments about companies or the omission of companies' names in blog posts, but I wanted to let you know I recently watched disk one of GG season 3 and saw a couple of Adam Brody episodes.

Girl Friday said...

I love the word adept for my cover letters in which I don't want to use good and well in every sentence.

"I think my vocabulary is pretty good. I use adept well."

I think those are excellent qualifications.

Beth said...

Haha! That's so funny!

Isn't it terrible that Matt Damon NEVER seems to be in the next car?

ellesappelle said...

In my town there's a souvenir shop called "OK Souvenirs". And a Chinese restaurant called "Decent Food". I can't think about them without laughing.

Virginia said...

You, my friend...are a nut! :) Love the Tae Bo comments--especially the ones on self-defense.