Monday, July 23, 2007

If Dating Were a Comic Book

If dating were a comic book, this would be one of the villains:

The Cybernetic Wizard of Thoughts
Alias: Mr. Hot & Heavy

Disguise: He's the perfect guy, & he likes me. In fact, he's so perfect that I do the aloof thing while I hang back & watch for his fatal flaw to reveal itself. Mostly because I just really like the word aloof. He is characterized by his obsessive phone calls, dates, text messages & emails. He says all the right things & he MUST be different, he's always trying to be around me, that means that he likes me! He acts like he can't live without me.

Evil Powers: As soon as I stop the aloofness, he stops the obsessiveness. Suddenly, he's very busy. His cell phone fell in the toilet. Something came up at work. He developed a case of adult onset relationship claustrophobia. (Not a medical term, but it should be)

If I make the mistake of returning one of his phone calls, he needs more space. He is so powerful that I hang in there, thinking he will return to his previous interest in me. Until I decide I've had enough. Once again, the cybernetic powers enter & BAHM! He knows that I know that he's a jerk. Then all of the sweetness & obsessiveness kicks back in.

Defense: Act like you are really into him. Bake him cookies, call him & ask about his day. Leave a notebook around with doodles of your name with his last name attached. Watch him fade away.

Beware of the Cybernetic Wizard of Thoughts.

Random End of Post Stuff:

This weeks drawing at Random Acts of Bling is an amethyst & sterling pendant. It is very sparkly. Clicking on the picture should take you to the post to enter.

Here is a picture of all of the fires going on in Utah. My house is safe for now, but other's are not. The fires have been started by things as simple as sparks from someone's brakes. Some people in our county are being evacuated, I am not & shouldn't have to be. Our power has been going out a lot. Last night we finally got rain, combined with lots of lightning & wind. So if you could pray, or send happy thoughts, or do a rain dance for rain in Utah minus the lightning & wind, it would be much appreciated.


Stacy said...

I will do a rain dance for Utah. I'll wait until I'm alone because my coworkers might not understand, and I am not confident that I can get them to join in.

What were you doing typing up a post at 6 AM? The Cybernetic Wizard of Thoughts must be at fault. Bad wizard! Let Sara sleep!

LEstes65 said...

Please inform the Cybernetic Wizard of Thoughts that you have very powerful allies that are impervious to his powers. You should inform him that one of your closest League of Blogger SuperChicks is Super Hot Really Exceptional Woman (S.H.R.E.W). Her powers include being TOTALLY unamused by male stupidity. She can also see through all walls erected by said stupid males. And she is at your whim and will make him miserable if he should mess with your head any further. She is also a mom which means she can whack him in the back of the head from across the world.

ellesappelle said...

Handy advice; now I know what to look for. :)

I'll do a little rain dance for Utah too.

JenKneeBee said...

stupid utah boys. i swear it's a disease in that state. i used to called it utah boy syndrome when i lived there. solution: remain aloof until one decides to commit. or just move to colorado. we would definately welcome some sarakastic sarcasm.