Monday, July 16, 2007

Tiaras for everyone

Update: The links in this post were broken, now they aren't. (Thanks to Lynette for pointing this out). Also, I'm putting the update on the top of the post instead of the bottom because I'm a rebel that way. End of Update. (Yes, I also type End of Update. Cause I'm a rebel). End of Update.

Lately, I've had the urge to call up several friends & say, "Hi, I'm just calling to let you know that your love interest is a complete idiot & you should kick him in the shin & run away". Lately, I've probably needed such a phone call. I think we stay with these idiots out of fear that nothing better will come along. I've noticed it in a lot of other places as well, people just don't seem to be remembering that we are princesses, even though I tend to yell "I'm a princess, just stop it".

So, I've decided to start something called random acts of bling. I'll be giving away jewelry every week that the winner can either keep, or randomly give away. The only catch is that whoever ends up with it must remember they are a princess whenever they look at it. Entering is simple, you just have to post a comment here about how humanity doesn't suck & I'll randomly draw the winner on Thursday, or you can enter by posting a story on your own blog & leaving a link in a comment here. (I've been using the word random a lot, I really need a thesaurus). I've already bought a year of supplies, lots of sterling rings with natural gemstones. However, the first prize is a tiara, I just couldn't resist. Everyone needs a tiara. I would love any suggestions on how to make this run smoother or get it to reach more people. Feel free to steal this graphic if you'd be kind enough to spread the word.

Random Acts of Bling


Beth said...

I hope that you are keeping at least one tiara for yourself! This is a great idea. I'll be have to start weeding out the cynicsicam and start thinking of a story. And I'll put the graphic on my blog this afternoon.

LEstes65 said...

Lamb chop - when I click on your "here" link, I get this error:

Not Found
Hi!, You are searching something that doesn't exist, try again!

And it happened when I clicked on your link that's on your bling page. I left a story yesterday but wanted to go back and can't.

Trish Ryan said...

Awe - what a great idea. I love "Random acts of Bling"! I think you're onto something - princess jewelry works much better than tough love :)

ellesappelle said...

Great idea! I'll put the graphic on my blog too. Will have to think for a while - isn't it weird that it's hard to think of good reasons why humanity doesn't suck?

Although that was a silly thing to say, and could just lose me the competition :)

Stacy said...

Humanity doesn't suck because humans created the thesaurus, which will enable you to use words other than random. Clearly, it's the little things that count.

Been doing any kicking lately? :)