Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Good News Daily

I'm not going to talk about the guy who got his head stuck in a septic tank on Christmas Eve. It's a story I'll try to remember whenever my holidays aren't going as planned. It could be worse.

I'm not going to talk about a site filled with weird nativities. My favorite is a nativity made out of smores. I could kinda understand how this could happen if you were forced to make a nativity out of camping supplies. However, this is probably made out resin, meaning they could've made anything, & they decided on smores. It's not sacrilege if I just point it out, is it?

I'm not going to talk about my new favorite Christmas song, or possibly how it's in my top four fav songs of all time called Christmas in the Trenches by Darryl Purpose based on the Christmas truce of 1914.

I guess I'm just having trouble moving past the holidays this year. I mean, not having trouble because I'm not writing about all that. I guess the weekend was so crazy that today is this first chance I've had to really think about Christmas. So, I need to move on. I guess I better eat all of the jolly rancher candy canes tonight to complete the healing process. It's all about the healing.

Looking ahead to the new year, I was happy to see this article about the happiest stories of 2007. It reminded me of how Lorelai Gilmore wanted to start a newspaper with only good news, it might've been called the Good News Daily. If it wasn't, then my blog title just sucks.

Apparently the lotto winners were out in full force this year, several mentioned refused to close their businesses or quit their jobs because it would effect other people. A cab driver returned 31 diamonds rings to a passenger who had only tipped him eleven cents. A man who woke from a 19 year coma found that his homeland of Poland is no longer under communist rule. My favorite story only got honorable mention. The world's tallest man used his long arm to pull plastic out of two dolphins stomachs & thus saved their lives. Happy New Year-ish!


LEstes65 said...

Those last tidbits rekindled my sagging faith in humanity. Thanks. I needed that.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

What a great medley of topics! I'm still waiting to see Season 7 of the Gilmore Girls--I want to know how it all ends! And thanks for including those those bits at the end!

Enjoy your candy canes--don't make yourself sick!

Barrie said...

What a fun post! And I LOVE those candy canes!

Trish Ryan said...

What a great post. Can you make it a tradition? Something that comes out monthly, perhaps????
Lorelai would be so proud, and the rest of us would be grateful :)

Barrie said...

I keep meaning to mention that I love the goldfish + bowls picture on your blog.

ellesappelle said...

Thanks for the happy stories :) Much needed.

~Virginia~ said...

I think it was Good News Daily! :) Happy healing and Happy New Year!