Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear TV

Dear TV,

I rarely argue with you, because you are the TV. You are the keeper of Animaniacs & Gilmore Girls reruns & for this I am grateful. I understand that you've been going through a difficult time with the writer's strike, & I've been patient. I love the absurd. I love pointing out nuances & ironies & making fun of stuff. This is where my talent lies. However, when you give me:

The Moment of Truth: A game show where you don't have to be smart, you don't need an extensive knowledge of trivia. You don't have to live on an island or in a house with stranger for months on end to win $500,000. They get asked questions like do you flirt on the internet with other women? Sure, you might win $500,000 but everyone in your family will hate you because they know you won't give them a kidney or that you don't care about the starving children in Africa. You just have to answer questions truthfully while the rest of the nation thinks that whatever question was asked was true anyways. It states a lot about society that being honest warrants big bucks.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Eight celebrities check into rehab & we all get to watch their 21 day stay. I think the show does a great job of showing how dangerous drugs are. However, it has a little bit of a Big Brother feel with Daniel Baldwin running around trying to play a mini therapist. Overall, it just makes me uncomfortable. I think it would be better as a serious documentary instead of reality tv.

My Fair Brady, Maybe Baby. Enough said.

So TV you are making me obsolete. Anyone can make fun of this stuff. I am deeply hurt.



LEstes65 said...

Please let me know how your TV replies. I am intrigued.

(You crack me up!)

Trish Ryan said...

I know. It's just not fun when the bar is set so, so low.

~Virginia~ said...

I actually watched part of Moment of Truth last night.

[ducks for cover]

I admit, it's a rather stupid show and probably won't watch again--there's really no point.

It's just slim pickings lately. I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw that the Real World/Road Rules challenge had started. Just when you thought I couldn't sink any lower.

But in my defense, I've been starved for some semblance of regular TV viewing!!!

supertiff said...

p.s. thanks for sticking around at supertiff. i suspect i will stick around here as well. god knows there's nothing on the television!

JenKneeBee said...

You just named all of my favorite shows! J/k... maybe we should just pull out all of our dvd box sets of the gilmore girls seasons and watch those until the writers strike is over.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Your talents are definitely being wasted! I have not seen either of these shows and for that I am grateful. I did just finish watching Season 7 of the Gilmore Girls though--it was a tearful farewell for me...

Barrie said...

Does you TV allow you to rent movies?

Just a thought. :)

ellesappelle said...

So true. So, so true.