Sunday, March 16, 2008

Terms of endearment

I'm weird about terms of endearment. I just don't like them. When someone calls me dear, it makes me think they forgot my name. Yeah, that makes me feel special. I don't like feeling generic, because I'm not. I really hate it when random strangers call me sweetheart when I'm arguing with them about something. I usually say "Call me Sara, because that's my name." Even if I'm dating someone, I prefer to just be called Sara. So, I've compiled a list of acceptable & unacceptable names:

Sweet Pea
Basically any name with the word little, or that references food, or an animal.
Sar take the extra effort, say the a
(Names in bold especially annoy me)

Princess Sarakastic the benevolent
Princess Sarakastic the fierce

According to a Ninja Name generator:

My Secret Ninja Name is Candlestick the Fartblast Ninja.
Take The Secret Ninja Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I'm kind of like George on Seinfeld, when he tried to make people call him T-bone. I almost majored in journalism just so people would call me ace. Surprisingly, no one has ever called me angel. Ever. I can't imagine why.


Beth said...

Dear Princess Sarakastic the fierce,

You are so funny! I love it. I'd like to be called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but that one never caught on, either. My ninja name is Bucket the Secret Ninja. We should start our own secret ninja club. It would probably be a great way to meet men. Ninja men.

~Virginia~ said...

Whatever happened to ruling Saradelphia? Just curious...

Apparently I'm Viagra the Super Ninja. I don't even know how to take that.

For some reason Logan soured me on the whole Ace nickname. Actually, Logan soured me on all men named Logan, all men that looked like Logan, and perhaps even Matt Czuchry himself. Totally not the point.

Jason calls me Sweetie. I call him Face. Don't ask. :)

JenKneeBee said...

Boo! My work computer is blocking the ninja site. Apparently it's not work-related enough.

I especially like Sarameister. I'll have to start referring to you as these names in my blog.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Spitfire? Really? You could accept this nickname with a straight face?

I love the part about you not being generic! I think I'll tell my husband this tonight and see what he comes up with for a nickname. :)

ruby said... me stupid but it never occured to me people disliked terms of endearment. Maybe its just the Southern in me but I use little terms of endearment all the time like honey or darling or sugar regardless of how well I know them. However, I shall do my best to make sure you are always called "Sara" here in blogland!

Trish Ryan said...

From now on, you're Ace to me. It's what Logan called Rori (and I despised Logan) so it will be cathartic to associate the name with something so much more happy and positive.

ellesappelle said...

Ha! I love that. Me and my sister loathe those women whose shops we used to go into who called us "girls". "Hi girls, having fun?!" Grrr... We were until you called us that...

ellesappelle said...

By the way - I have to add this - what do you think of "Darl" as an endearment? It's an Australianism. I think it's hilarious but would only accept it as a joke.

LEstes65 said...

I regularly begin IM sessions with my coworkers by typing things like, "Lamb chop", "Lumpy", or "Lumpkins". Granted, my salutations are tailored for the recipient. But those close to me are very used to my little terms of endearment.

And if you go with "Killer"? It would rock in Boston. We'd all call you, "Killah!" It would sound SO street. And we all know that Princess Sarakastic the Fierce is SO street, yo.

a little bird said...

my nickname in gradeschool was "ivanna smack my tush". you can add that to the no list!

i love your blog!