Monday, March 10, 2008

The History of V8 Fusion

Dear Campbell's,

I often drank the V8 Splash variety because I'm all about getting a full serving of vegetables without actually eating vegetables. Then I read the label & saw that the reason it was palatable is all of the corn syrup. If I put enough sugar on beets, celery, carrots, lettuce, parsley, watercress, spinach & tomatoes, I'd probably like them too.

I just thought I would commend you on the V8 V Fusion commercials. The V8 V Fusion (I like how it has a middle initial, so pompous. No I can't wait until the end of the sentence to add parenthesis). Anyways, the V8 V Fusion has vegetable juice & is sweetened with 100% fruit juice, but the genius is really in the advertising.

I really love the way the woman hits the man when he says he doesn't like V8 & then gives him the new V8 half fruit/half vegetable juice. I really admire the fact that you've based an entire advertising campaign around the fact that your original product sucks & people have to be forced to drink it or even entertain the thought of trying a new V8 product. In fact, they have to be hit on their heads to change their mind. Especially considering the fact that the vegetable V8 has been around for 60-70 years. Yes, I always knew it was gross. You always knew it was gross. The spicy V8 was gross, the original V8 was gross. I wouldn't wish lemon V8 on my worst enemy. I just give you props for finally admitting it. Hopefully, the new V8 that doesn't taste like V8 will help prevent scurvy in college students & Sarakastics alike.



~Virginia~ said...

i'd make a coherent comment, but i'm too busy dying from laughter! :)

LEstes65 said...

I'm sitting here laughing out loud. Oh you slay me. And I'm afraid you may no longer love me when I admit...*gasp!*...I love the original V8. There. I've said it. I love original V8. And it makes a hell of a bloody mary. I mean...I've HEARD it does. I've know...

Trish Ryan said...


Thank you for saying what I've always thought...why would anyone drink anything that tastes WORSE than the vegetables it's designed to replace?

Barrie said...

Am I the only person around who likes V8 juice. Except the low sodium version which, I agree, is gross.