Friday, April 25, 2008

I am Miranda

My biggest struggle this year has been with my friends. I actually have awesome friends. They exemplify awesomosity at it's finest. They wear tiaras & celebrate abba jabba & we talk about how boys are dumb & kinda smell bad.

One of my last single friends just married her prince a few weeks ago. It hit me in a weird way. It was much more emotional than when my other friends got married, or even when my brothers got married. I had known this friend longer than any other in my life. It really just felt like the ending of the era. I had to watch that episode of Gilmore Girls when Lane got married. I know that I'll make new single friends & still stay friends with my married friends. I'm not sad, just emotional.

For the first time I was at home watching that show that ends in "& the City." I could really identify with Miranda, because I am her. The only problem is that Miranda doesn't have a spin off show, no one would watch that, I wouldn't even watch that. Miranda needs the rest of the group to balance her out. Plus, if you've watched a few episodes you notice that the fabulous women on "& the City" almost never stay at home watching episodes of "& the City."

So I picked up "He loves me He Loves Me He Loves Me Not" by Trish Ryan needing something to get me out of my funk. It seemed like the perfect choice because of the cover & it even has a crown/tiara on the spine. Right there on page 4 was:

"I feel like a character in one of those Sex & the City episodes that makes you think 'Wow, Thank God I am not her'"

I can relate. I'm reading this book rapidly to find out how Trish got from where I am to where she is. Seriously, even if I didn't know that Trish should be the President of the United States, I would read this because it's just brilliant. Every time I set this book down I feel like I should give it a hug. That's saying a lot because I'm Miranda, I really don't hug much.


heidikins said...

I can relate with this post so much. And, for the record, I finished Trish's book this weekend and absolutely loved it; I may or may not re-read it this week, that's how much I loved it.


a little bird said...

at least miranda gets married at the end!! i feel like carrie - always picking the wrong men.

is trish's book in stores? i'm going to head to borders today to check it out.

LEstes65 said...

I understand that emotional thing. I had a friend whose marriage hit me like that.

I am ALMOST done with Trish's book. I would have finished last night but someone called and talked forever. Dang.

If you are Miranda...I feel more like Carrie but I'm probably much more Charlotte these days.