Sunday, July 13, 2008

There may be keebler elves living in the walls

I noticed the other day that the kitchen smelled like sugar cookies. This never happens because I don't bake. So either:

A. There aren't any sugar cookies in the house

B. There are sugar cookies in the house & I eat them.

I opened up all the of the windows in case it was some rare form of carbon monoxide that the carbon monoxide detector didn't pick up. I vaguely wondered if it was like my reeses pieces sign earlier in the year. I left the room thinking that it would go away. I came back & the smell was even stronger & I started wondering if a domovoi had taken up residence.

Then I wondered if perhaps Keebler elves had started living in the walls & one of them had died. I looked in the phone book to see if there was some kind of Keebler elf exterminator. There is not. Yes, I am just that disturbed by the smell of cookies when there aren't any cookies to be found. Finally, after hours of deep soul & cupboard searching it was pointed out to me that this was under the kitchen sink:

Yes, let's make garbage smell really yummy & edible. That's just a brilliant idea.


Stacy said...

You remind me of me. Don't ask if that's a compliment or an insult because I don't know.

The Keebler elves are domovoi.

~Virginia~ said...

i wonder how strong the vanilla scent would be if there was something completely foul in the trash. i have a tendency to leave leftovers in the fridge for weeks on end and the smell is NOT cute.

ellesappelle said...

Ewww! I never want to have garbage bags that don't smell like garbage.

heidikins said...

:o( I'm quite disappointed that the smell was actually fancy garbage bags and not secret Keebler elves.


Alyssa Goodnight said...

That's quite an endorsement. Although I'd probably buy them (like you) and forget all about their yummy scent (and your informative blog post) and then blog about the whole thing myself. That's just how I roll. :)