Friday, August 15, 2008

Segways & Segues

I just heard the awkwardest segue ever. This is not to be confused with Segways which are those two wheeled electric vehicles that are also awkward & fun to mock.

See? I don't even have to say anything & it's funny. The only way a mode of transportation could bring me more joy is if I was driving down the street & saw an athlete riding an old timey bicycle.

No, what I heard was an awkward segue. According to wikipedia:

A segue allows the host or writer to naturally proceed to another topic without jarring the audience. A good segue makes the subject change seem like a natural extension of the discussion.

I was watching the NBC news & they were discussing the election when a guy who I believe is Brian Williams said "& somehow we end up back in Beijing." Smooth. Very smooth. You should speak for a living, like report on stuff, you have a natural gift. That's the only time a TV show has made me feel like I'd broken some sort of space time continuum. That is my new phrase "& somehow now we are talking about this." & somehow I will be so glad when summer is over so I can stop seeing department stores advertising monokinis. It's just called a swimsuit.

& somehow I'm really bothered by the Sharpie pen. Sharpies are special because they are the only permanent marker. Pens are permanent by their very nature so it's not like Sharpie needs to break into the market. Ohh finally an ink that will just stay put.


ellesappelle said...

"Monokinis"! I'm sorry, but I love it. I also love your new segue. Confusing for people and a great way to end boring conversations.

heidikins said...

Ditto on the term "monokini" sounds all fancy, but it's just a swimsuit. What would Macy's call those lycra jumpsuits all the Olympians are wearing? Unitard-kini?

& Somehow we're back to Beijing.


~Virginia~ said...

i just know i'd end up on my butt if i got anywhere near a segway. there's no way i wouldn't tip over.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

You too, it seems, have mastered the awkward segue! :) It's quite the prestigious club.

Monokini--I've not heard that--you must be way cooler over there in Utah.

I don't get the Sharpie pen either.

Trish Ryan said...

You are hysterical. We knew this prior to this post, but it's nice to confirm.

Sharpies. Monokinis. HEE!

& Somehow, we end up back in Bejing....

LEstes65 said...

Monokinis? Are you serious? Did someone actually go out and start naming one-pieced bathing suits MONOkinis? Someone - no, I suspect it's a collection of someones - needs a good hard SLAP.

I love Sharpies. Adore them, really. Forgive me.