Friday, October 02, 2009

Just Say No

The next time the farmer at the farmer's market gives you a free pepper with your purchase, just say no. Even if you clarify by asking if the pepper is hot and he denies it, just say no. He said the name of the pepper but of course I don't remember. It sounded harmless but it should really be called either 1. evil pepper or 2. the pepper of death.

I attempted to cook today and for once I had thought that I'd escaped injury. Then a few hours later my hand started burning...intensely. I thought "Hmm my hand doesn't usually do that, something must be wrong" So I looked at my hand and it looked like well.. my hand.. it wasn't red, just the feeling that it was being boiled in acid. Then I remembered the pepper. How am I supposed to know not to touch the seeds of a pepper even if it's not a hot pepper? The Internet seems to agree that dipping your hand in sourcream is the best thing but I'm pretty sure that this is just a sick joke that the internet made up to make people look silly. Sorry for all of the typos but my other hand is in a bucket of sour cream.


LEstes65 said...

Dang. Now I'm dying to know what kind of pepper that was! I hope you're ok. Some of those babies can be BEASTS! I wear latex gloves while prepping certain peppers. And I handle them very carefully. This came - unfortunately - from a very painful lesson a decade or so back.

PS - I bet some guac would go nicely with your hand dip.

Britt said...

I cut a pepper today too, washed my hands at least four times and when I licked my finger about an hour later, my tongue burned for about a half hour. Nasty things those peppers! Good luck with the sour creme :)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Really? Sour cream? I've never tried that. Now when I cut up peppers (after a similar experience to your own, minus the s.c.), I use gloves. I feel very surgical.

heidikins said...

Well, at least if you're using peppers you will probably have a vat of sour cream...seeing as how I don't understand why you'd have Mexican food without sour cream.

Sorry about your hand, hope it heals nicely!


Barrie said...

You poor thing! I can totally relate having also been the victim of a hot pepper. I have learned to only approach a pepper with both hands gloved!

Stacy said...

I want to meet this farmer. I love hot peppers!

Sorry about your hand. :(

My word verification is "cohot" which I think effectively describes a hot burning hand in cool sour cream.

Miss Chevious said...

i used to eat raw garlic (for it's alleged immunity reasons) and forgot to wash my hands after i chopped it up. then i rubbed my eye. while driving. ever cried white tears in traffic and had to pull over because you couldn't see? scary with a capital scary! probably wouldn't have had that problem if it had been sour cream though. :)