Thursday, January 28, 2010

Insights Into Why I'm Single (but still very, very awesome)

Yes, we finally have one more clue. Besides the fact that whenever I meet a cute guy who speaks Italian I say "Oh I do too". Really sometimes I just type captchas on blogs and sometimes they sound Italian. Apparently, other people can tell the difference and it really isn't funny to anyone who is not me. Lesson learned the hard way.

Well, after about a year I decided to log into the dating site that I previously mocked mercilessly. While browsing through profiles I came across two men that I was really tempted to message, even though I've never done that before. I never really thought I'd message anyone. Usually I just go on there to feel better about my singleness, but these two men really got my attention.

First thoughts upon seeing Guy #1's Picture:

Wow he has misused Photoshop horribly. He has blue eyes and the rest of the picture is black and white. Maybe he has laser eyes. He could like make frozen waffles whenever he wants. I am intrigued.

Immediate thoughts upon seeing Guy #2's Picture.

Eh. Blond. No discerning features or funny profile remarks. Wait a minute, wait just a minute. That door he is standing in front of is awesome. I wonder where it is. That's probably like the coolest door I've ever seen in my life. Maybe that's what I'll call him in my head "guy who stands in front of doors". I wonder if that's enough to build a relationship on, a love of intricate passageways.


Allie said...

Go for the guy with the door, I say.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Maybe Guy #1 is a vampire! Or can vampires not get photographed?

As for Guy #2, I'm not sure you can build anything on exquisite taste in doors.

My vote is keep looking--your awesomeness will sustain you.

Stacy said...

I think you totally build a relationship on a love of intricate passageways. :)

LEstes65 said...

I really think you want to date the DOOR.

[PS - my word verification is 'hades'. Which makes me wonder about Alyssa's comment on Guy #1. Just sayin'...]

Jennie said...

I say go with the laser beam eyes guy. He might be a ninja too.