Friday, August 20, 2010

Just One Question

If I could poll all of humanity I think I would ask "What do you people do with the last of the tortilla chips?" With potato chips, it's easy, you eat the crumbs. Same thing with flavored corn chips like Doritos. With tortilla chips they turn into little bitty jagged shards. Plus, to me the tortilla chip exists for dipping and trying to dip with tiny little useless chip pieces just always makes me feel sad and broke. So, I tend to just leave them in the bag. Is it ok to throw them away? I never do because that feels wasteful.

I'll even confess that I can't open a new bag until the old bag is gone so oftentimes I just pour the chip shards into the new bag hoping that by the time I reach the bottom there will be an answer. There never is. In fact, there's just a huge build up of leftover chip pieces. At one point I even saw a recipe for a casserole using these leftover chips. I tried it, it wasn't yummy. What do other people do with the tortilla chip pieces? If you had just one question to ask all of humanity what would it be?


Rhianna said...

I always pour the left over little chips and crumbs into a small bowl of dip and eat it with a spoon.

Stacy said...

Usually my tortilla chips go stale before I get to the end of the bag so it's a nonissue for me. I'm pretty sure I have stale chips in my pantry right now.

By the way, I finally posted my ninja update on Wednesday, including a picture of your future boyfriend.

heidikins said...

I toss them. In fact, I usually toss a bag of chips when there is still a handful of edible chips in the bottom--I'd rather waste the 14 cents of tortilla chip than have stale, miniature, spike-edged chips.


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Question to humanity:

Can't we all just get along??

Barrie said...

Sometimes I smush them up as small as possible and add them to my bread crumbs container. Then, one day, those smushed tortilla chips will find themselves coating a chicken breast. :)