Friday, September 03, 2010

Feedreader Predictions

I've been trying to channel my inner Anne of Green Gables lately and use my imagination more. I'll admit that when I wait for blogs to load in my feed reader, I start wondering what the post is going to be about. Will there be minions? Pretty pictures of New Zealand? Sage life advice from Texas?

Then there are the other blogs on my blogroll that are a little bit more predictable, namely the crafts ones. The pages take forever to load because every craft blog uses tons of sparkly graphics. It's like the web equivalent of a hot glue gun. So today while one was loading I thought "Ok, they are going to say what they always say, here's a round up of things that you thought were just crap but are in fact pretty".

This is about the time that my inner Anne of Green Gables kicked in. Maybe the post is going to be about how a piece of felt came to life in dragon form and that's actually writing the post. Yes, I'm actually 28 years old and hold down a job. Amazing isn't it? Also, the post was just about crap you can hot glue together to make something pretty. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyone else out there make feedreader predictions before reading a post?


Jennie said...

That is awesome. Somebody should write a blog post with a felt dragon as the author. I can't say I make up anything quite so creative when I'm waiting for a page to load, but I'll have to start.

Stacy said...

Like Jennie, I am less creative. My previous blogroll used to tell me the titles of people's posts when they updated their blogs, but I prefer for it to be a big mystery waiting for me.

Allie said...

Sometimes I choose not to read blog posts based on their title :) kind of like judging a book by its cover, I know it's wrong.

Barrie said...

Well, I don't try to make blog post predictions. But....I love the idea of channelling our inner Anne. LOVEd those books@!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I have to admit I don't--I don't even predict what's going to happen in TV shows, and my husband is always ruining things for me, saying things like, 'The sister killed him.' Why can't he just wait and see??

Perhaps your next blog will be written by a felt dragon come to life. :) Or a felt ninja.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Forgot to I the sage life advice from Texas???