Thursday, September 16, 2010

Missed Rites of Passage

I think I finally realized why I still feel like a little kid playing house (by house of course I mean apartment). I've never been in a soap box derby race. Name a movie about kids there's a soap box derby race in it. Granted, this usually seemed more for boys in the movie, but there was always one awesometastic girl who would swoop in and win with a cool name like Killer or Thrasher. Then there was always the mean kid with the car that looked like a shark. I could've been like a combo of those. I could have been that girl. In fact, I could still be that girl but I just don't understand the proper construction of both cardboard and cars. I blame this for my poor social skills and my inability to commit and parallel park oh yeah and build a car out of a box. Has anyone ever been in a soap box car or helped their kids build one?

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Alyssa Goodnight said...

Never. But I did just see Post-Graduate where the kid wins the race with his supercool car and then the brake controls come off and he drives it right into a pond. *That* would have been me.

I bet there's a club for people like you, holding box car derbies for adults.