Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cupids Downfall Part Two

This is a continuation of the story that Stacy wrote all the way back on Valentine's and by Valentine's I mean Abba Jabba.

Once in possession of cupid's arrows Stacy was determined to get rid of them. Sarakstic however, wanted them around because throwing arrows is like kicking people but a lot less work. There was only one solution: use the arrows for good. By good, I mean world domination.

The plan was beautiful in it's simplicity, turn everyone into a minion, take all of the tiaras, and then use the final arrow to get Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together because seriously if ever two humans were meant to be... Then order would be brought to the universe by making Matt Damon be in every movie and the evil eyeglass company would actually send Sarakastic a screw for her glasses instead of offering her a 20% discount to purchase the exact same faulty frame again. Also weathermen would just have to say cloudy instead of "spots of sun". The plan also involved stealing Jenn's iPod and Heidikin's shoe collection.

Stacy had her own mission to usurp Sarakastic's evil plan for world domination. She already had minions because she's just that awesome. She introduced Cupid as Boris' cousin from Des Moines. While Sarakastic was enthusiastically testing out which suitor could kick down a door the best Cupid recovered the arrows, dating went back to mayhem, and the tiaras were safe. Pity too because her reign would've been awesometastic.


Stacy said...

So am I the villain? Or are you?

Or do we just blame Cupid for all the world's evil? I do believe I will go with option 3.

Barrie said...

Can you imagine how gorgeous children produced by Brad and Jennifer would be?!!!