Thursday, December 02, 2010

Dear Santa 2010,

I'm a little bit at a loss as to what to ask for this year Santa because my life is really good. The parts that are lacking such as a broken popcorn maker as well as a stock pot with one handle are too boring and practical.

For awhile I thought that I would ask you to "adjust the economy”. I don’t want Santa to do it, I want to do it. Everyone on all sides keeps saying "adjust the job market” "adjust the economy". I always picture a lot of computerized slide rules in a room that no one can seem to get right but that I’d certainly like to play around with.

Then I saw a commercial for this kids toys called the Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome. It shows kids drawing a robot face on it and then rolling it across the room on an office chair. You know how on commercials they always say "the product can't actually talk" or "the cool parts of this that we are showing don't come with it?" I actually have the resources to make that happen, really Santa, I do.

I think what I’d really like though is time to read, lots of time to read. When I carve out twenty minutes for myself, I just end up looking at all the pretty books totally at a loss as to what to pick up because there's only time for one. In previous years I had plenty of time to read and so there wasn't as much pressure there.

That leads me to a common sense primer that didn't happen to me but it happened to my mom. This makes me angrier because well it's my mommy.

There are generally things that we can agree as a society is not good to do while driving. This includes sleeping and drinking. Texting can also be thrown in there although everyone who does text while driving thinks that they are the one person who is good at it. They aren't.

So, I thought that this was something that we all agreed upon because I had never seen it or heard of it in all of the bad driving stories that exist. If you are operating a motor vehicle and ESPECIALLY if you are passing across a double yellow line in bad weather, you should not be holding a large OPEN book on your steering wheel while READING IT...(especially near my mommy, thankfully nothing happened). You should not read and drive. I kept wondering what the book was. I can only assume that it's a text book, or possibly a driving manual, those are the only two things that I can think of that would be urgent enough. I will never complain that people don’t read enough again.


Allie said...

Oh wow. The sheer stupidity of trying to read and drive, although I can understand the temptation...

Alyssa Goodnight said...

What a relief your mom wasn't hurt! What a colossal idiot!

I hope you carve out some uninterrupted time to read this holiday season...and all through 2011!