Monday, December 13, 2010

Well That's a Thing That Happened That Now I'm Blogging About

Occassionally I log into a dating site where I don't have my picture listed solely as a way to remind myself "See that guy who took a picture of himself behind prison glass? There are worse things than being alone". So today I decided "Hmm, let's see what happens if I don't put any kind of limitation and just went with pure chemistry results. I'm refusing to date anyone in my area anyways because I don't want to be ax murdered, so lets see what else it out there". The top ten results, from Michigan, Michigan, Texas, and New Hampshire all featured some sort of guy at a renaissance fair. Well that's something about myself that I did not know.


Stacy said...

Luke Danes would not approve.

However, the Michigan Renaissance Festival is about 40 minutes from my house, so feel free to call me to come get you if Michigan man turns out to be frightening.

heidikins said...

Haha, this is awesome.

And I'm glad Stacy has your back for any potential Renaissance creepers. ;)


Allie said...

How intriguing!

Travis Erwin said...

Go with the Texan. Even a dorky Texan is better than the average fella.

Barrie said...

California wasn't in the top 10?! Hmpf!