Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Viva La Fail...Again!

I hate dating. I am good at almost everything except dating. I'm even good at being single. My dating evolution has somewhat gone like this:

1. Start enjoying the bad dates by making them even worse.

2. The concept of Viva la Fail! It seems like every time I come home I feel like a failure. It's extremely difficult to find someone you mesh with even on a friend level when your belief system and approach to life can generally be described as "a collage of stuff I saw that I liked". Recently I've realized that I'm supposed to fail at this. The entire dating system is designed to fail. The last one is the only one that works. If your success rate is any higher than that then you are cheating on someone and you suck.

3. The even better game. With the concept of dating being something that I'm going to fail at a lot, it can be discouraging. With one particular ex boyfriend a long time ago I kept thinking that he was "the one". He wasn't. In fact he got engaged to someone else who was my exact opposite in every way mere months after we broke up. Sometimes I find myself thinking "Well no other guy is going to like that song or"... That really annoys because honestly when one of my friends talks like that I usually give them a verbal kicking. Instead, I'm trying to play the "even better" game which is pretty easy since I'm the one that made it up. "You mean there's someone even better for me than the Matt Damon look alike who's into new age health, reads, and fixes things? Awesome. I hope he has smile lines around his eyes and mad ninja skills."


Stacy said...

At least you date. In that, you are doing better than me. You don't want to know how long ago my last date was.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

#2 is brilliant--obviously you totally get it! Now you just need to stumble over the guy who gets *it* and you, and you're there!

You could move to Texas...we have a Renaissance Fair near us in Houston... :)