Monday, February 14, 2011

Abba Jabba 2011

I think if I had to typify Abba Jabba 2011 it would be butter spray. In fact, I'm considering just turning it into a trophy, buying a fireplace, and putting it on the mantle.

One of the more confusing things about me is that I'm a sarcastic person with a strong belief in the law of attraction. (ie the time I manifested cat poo). Add to that the fact that it was pretty easy to spot anyone who had just read The Secret when it first came out because I had just kicked them as well as my continuing strong belief in God, well the whole philosophy is a mess....and I'm good with that. I don't think you can use it to avoid all disasters or illness. However, when problems arise I choose to get through it with as much grace as possible. Like once my computer had a virus on it, and within 20 seconds out of the blue a friend who never logs into messenger logged into messenger, and helped me through the 18 step process to fix it because this friend used to work fixing virusy computers. Well today was like that except the opposite.

So, I knew when I woke up in a bad mood today it meant trouble. I was obstinate. This was going to be the first abba jabba in the history of this blog that I didn't write about. I wasn't even mad about being alone. I was mad that the perfect life I created myself involved me moving away from everyone I knew and getting a perfect job and living in my dream place even though I've loved it for the past 18 months. Silly thing to be mad about, especially since I made every single move and the other 364 days of the year I'm thrilled with it. I guess I just missed having friends that had known me for ten years or more instead of new friends. The new friends are great but it's unlikely that we will still be friends 10 years from now. It has a lot to do with the fact that everyone is afraid of getting married or not getting married and no one just wants to be friends or put that commitment in and I miss that desperately. The fact that I saw a real life sea captain who probably wasn't a sea captain but just an alcoholic and had no one in a 50 mile radius who would care about my weird observations really upset me.

Well, here's how my day went when I was stuck in my rightfully deserved bad mood:

Store 1: Went to checkout, the final number seemed too high. I showed the cashier that the price tag and the receipt were conflicting. She told me to go find another item with that price tag on it, kinda implying that maybe I had brought my own price tag. I went and looked and that was the last one. She told me to walk all the way back to customer service and have the price adjusted which I did.

Store 2: I was so tired by this point that I could barely push the cart full of groceries. The cashier did not smile at me. The butter spray wouldn't ring up. She had the obvious assumption, that it was my fault. She said "Are you sure you got this here?" Ummm yes I brought my own butter spray into the store so I could buy it again after somehow sneaking it past the greeter. Dang you for thwarting my evil plan. Then she asked me to walk clear to the back of the store and bring her another butter spray and remember the price this time. I was not rude because I understand that her job sucks. Finally got through checkout.

Store 2 Again: Apparently the new name in my brain for customer service called "customer hindrance" had caught on. When walking out of the store the greeter asked to see my receipt because the soda was on the bottom of the cart instead of a bag. I had a ton of groceries so neither of us could find it and again I was treated like a weird thief. My soda was taken away from me and I walked out of the store. However, all the way across the parking lot I distinctly remembered putting the soda on the conveyor belt because it hurt my back. I went back in and found it on my receipt and was instructed to go to customer service...far away...where again I waited in line. The lady instructed me to walk to the back of the store pick up the soda and bring it back to her. I asked for a refund instead and don't have soda.

Gas Station: At the gas station I ran my card and it told me to go see the cashier. I walked in as politely as I could and said "The box has summoned me here". She said that they had just barely changed that particular pump to only be paid inside and hadn't had the time to put a sign up. Had I chosen any other pump I would have been fine.

So at least when I have problems or a bad day it is funny. Please send all positive vibes, prayers, and happy stories my way. Maybe I should just buy an emocycle.


Stacy said...

Abba Jabba, of all days, should be awesome. Hope tomorrow is better. If not, eat chocolate.

Katie said...

You changed the layout on your blog! It looks great.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

That sounds utterly horrible! If I even have to go to customer service once to do a price adjust or whatever, I feel like the day has lost a little of its sparkle. You deserve so much better! :)

Have a great week!