Monday, January 15, 2007

Abba Jabba

Two years ago I made a bet with one of my close friends that whoever wasn't married in two years would get a free lunch from the married person. September 20, 2006 seemed so far away. We'd all be living on the moon by then. Surely, we would have husbands by then. (Two years ago I was an idiot, obviously).

The two years were up & neither one of us was married. Due in large part to my abrasive personality & my working theory that "boys are gross". My friend wasn't married due in large part to the fact that I made an annoying "EWWWW" sound whenever she talked about boys. So I was putting the lunch appointment in my cell phone. I had the T9 word function on, which always frustrates me to no end. There is no way anything can predict what the next word out of my mouth is going to be. Trying to do so just results in confusion & embarrassment for whoever is trying to predict it. It came out as "Abba Jabba". Out of the stupidest cell phone function known to mankind a new holiday was born. I'm writing this in hopes it can be adopted by any single people for Valentines Day. Abba Jabba is a day to get a new outfit & get dressed up all nice. Then you get to go have lunch at your favorite place with your good friends. You also get to randomly wish people a happy abba jabba. Anything goes on Abba Jabba. One dedicated Abba Jabba-er was known to loudly yell "EWWW" when anything male came within 500 feet. Abba Jabba is so much fun I hope I never get married.


Trish Ryan said...

Valentine's day just sucks, no matter what. It's not worth giving up hope of marriage over - if you invented Abba Jabba, I trust that this bold new holiday can transcend any changes in your romantic status :)

In fact, February kind of sucks in this part of the country...would you consider extending Abba Jabba to be a month long celebration, requiring 28 days of shopping, dressing up, and manicures???

Stacy said...

I love the idea! Men are too high maintenance (Can you believe they actually think they are important?)and therefore we singletons need a holiday to celebrate freedom from them.