Thursday, November 03, 2011

Scary or Cute?

I was on the bus last week and could feel a guy looking at me. I didn't look back because I've been in such shock lately from all of the non-ninjas that this planet has to offer. I was on the bus first and sat on the first seat on the left. He sat opposite of me on the right. We took off hats and gloves totally in synch. He was wearing orange and I couldn't remember why I had stopped that. We both took out brightly colored ipod headphones at the same time. Mine were pink; his were red. It was an exact mirror image, so I couldn't help but smile.

We spent the morning together. He gave me what I'm sure is a fake name but that was ok because I gave him one too. We walked around and talked about our favorite indie bands. I kept my hand on my mace; trying to figure out why he was different. Then it struck me. He was the only person I've met who is happier than me; and therefore better at life.

He was passing through town on kind of a tour of the country. Both of us taking time out of our conversation to smile at other people and be friendly. We saw a rock that looked like a face so we stopped and built it eyes and a mouth.

We talked a lot about the people he had met and he showed me pictures on his iphone. He got to one of me on the bus when I had refused to look at him before I had talked to him. He said "This is why I'm spending time with you". I couldn't decide if it was stalkery or sweet. I asked him why he took it and he said because I was pretty and I still don't know how to take that.

We ate lunch and sent the salsa back twice for having grapes in it until one of the other waiters explained to our waiter that they had started putting grapes in the salsa. Then we exchanged numbers and he left on another adventure. Now, as a long term person or even a friend; he would drive me insane...just too drifter-y. He texted me a few times and then I texted back and then he didn't text anymore and that was ok...this story isn't so much about him.

It was significant because until that morning I hadn't realized how forced my life is; how much I pay attention to long the search for a ninja has been. I spend too much time going over and over why things don't work; when really I just need to know that they don't work. All of a sudden a guy showed up and talking to him and being around him was just easy in a way that all of the dating I've done has not been. Since I make up stories for people that are probably better than their actual lives I can only assume that he's out there somewhere swimming in a pool of glitter.


Painted Furniture said...

Sara, Sara, Sara! You have it - all of it. So many would have kept their heads down and bolted. A random person meeting another random person and enjoying themselves is so rare yet you fell into it with such ease and with the ability to dismiss it for what it was - random. What a great knack you have. I don't know your history or statistics but I do know that everyone you meet brings you closer to more happiness. I am smiling and I should be sleeping....

heidikins said...

I kind of love this story, actually. Like, a lot. :)


Travis Erwin said...

Love the story but man do I hate glitter.

Allie said...

Definitely cute.
Love it!

LEstes65 said...

I love this. I also love that you kept your hand on your mace. HA! You so totally ROCK.