Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The First Quarter of Awesome

Here's just a quick check in on how my year of the awesome is going thus far. I've been pretty busy at work so most of the awesome things I've tried have been inspired by Pinterest. Ironically signing up for a Pinterest account isn't something I've actually done yet.

1. I tried to de-oxidize the headlights of my car using toothpaste. It did not work but at least now I know that it does not work.

2. I spent about a week wishing that it was 1950 simply for the gas stations. Then I felt like a horrible feminist. I had to put air in the tires of my car and not only was I clueless about how to do this; so was everyone else. If it was 1950 it never would've been a problem. Now I know how to do that which feels awesome.

3. I made fries out of avocados to alleviate the problem I have of only being able to eat half an avocado. I thought the texture was going to be the one "off" thing about this. However, when I finished the recipe I remembered that I don't like the bitter taste that avocados take on when baked.

 Awesome Things Left to Do: Since I work from home every day is casual Friday. However, I want to implement "dress up like you're from the 1950's" Friday. If only I had a dress with a large circumference.

I'm redoing my bathroom decor as part of my 30th birthday present to myself. I need some artwork to go in there that is well...awesome. This is where I’m open to suggestions and need help. I have absolutely no artwork up in my apartment because I'm not really an IKEA print girl. Everything just seems so soulless and lifeless to me. On the other hand I'm very adamant that whatever I pick out actually not have a soul or be haunted. I refuse to budge on that point.

What awesome stuff have you done lately?


heidikins said...

I am no help on art, my walls are full of photographs in black frames, nothing super fancy.

However, unless an avocado is opened and cut less than 5 minutes ago, I won't go anywhere near it. Old avocado, baked avocado, brownish-anything avocado, it's all nasty.


Allie said...

You are totally awesome!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Aw, sorry the year hasn't been as awesome as you deserve. What about a print of that quote, "Don't forget to be Awesome!" in the bathroom? ;)