Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who says I'm not grateful?

I was in hour 3 of my 4 hour grocery shopping trip for Thanksgiving dinner, when I overheard this conversation. It's not my fault, the man was standing in front of the whipped cream & would not budge, & if you know me, you know not to come between me & one of the few times a year I eat refined sugar. Things get ugly. He was annoucing in an incredolous, loud, self righteous voice that his family was going to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. So he was going to visit anothe rpart of his family hours away, to celebrate "God & country in the proper manner" Now I love God & country as much as the next girl, but i've enver been more tmepted to kick a perfect stranger. I do not see what 4 hours of me shopping, several hours of cleaning house, 2 days of my mom cooking, 1/2 hour of the boys eating, & then them watching football while the girls clean up & take care of the kids has anything to do with God & country. It's not that the men in my family are bad people, they are very good men. The only reason I mention it is because I think that it is a very popular scene in many families. So this Thanksgiving season, I am grateful that I don't live with that guy.


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