Friday, December 15, 2006

Small Town Life

I live in a small town. Hence the title "Small Town Life". How do I come up with this stuff? I sure don't know. I was walking past our one & only non-grocery non- gas station store & there was white butcher paper put up in the windows. They had painted large green festive looking words with holly. The sign read simple in block letters "Toys Games Knives". There's a combination you don't see everyday. To loosely quote "Gilmore Girls", turn on Rush Limbaugh so they (the burglars) know we have guns.


Mariah said...

Hi Sarakastic! Thanks for visiting...I don't see an email address for you so I'm responding here. The fact that I don't see one doesn't mean that one isn't there, you understand! I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet, and the world is always fuzzy until then! Anyway, thanks for commenting. I only have two of those ornaments left from my childhood and I'm trying to keep them in good shape. I photo'd the good side of it, by the way! :-) ~Mariah

Girl Friday said...

Hey! You may be from a small town, but you're huge on the internet :) I just did a massive pimp for all things Sarakastic. I hope you don't mind. :)