Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why I have so many blogs & my first hate mail & longest title ever

In a perfect world I would have a different pair of socks for every day of the year & each pair would have it's own small separate drawer. I just try to avoid my "worlds colliding" (Seinfeld reference), so I like to keep each thought about a certain subject on a different blog. I wrote this experience on a different blog but wanted to post it here also because it is the epitome of who I am. As well as it finally gives me the chance to use the block quote feature which I've been dying to do. Plus, I think a lot of people, even nice people (a group of which I am not, but I do appreciate the many members of the nice people club who associate with me), will have this experience at some time or other so I wanted to share it.

I know, I know, with my personality one would've thought it would've happened before now. I received my very first piece of blog hate mail today. I had steeled myself for this months ago, I told myself some people won't like me. The entire state of Arkansas has never liked me, so I thought I was pretty prepared for this. However, I forgot, I was used to the love. All of a sudden it was like someone calling me up on the phone "Hi, I'm just calling to tell you I hate you". (Ok so I have made that phone call on several occasions, but it's cute when I do it). Sometimes I'm such a girl & it still hurt my feelings. Well, I'm always a girl, & girls are a lot stronger than we get credited for. Now I'm even being defensive with my inner dialogue. Anyways, here are some ways I'm overcoming it:

1. Remember those people who keep pestering me to put on shoes? Well maybe I should go & spend some time with them. Although I always hate that I can't scroll on some screen to read past conversations, or click on their profile to find out more about them.

2. Read my happy comments. There's been a lot more people that haven't hated me, & it's time to remember that.

3. Celebrate. At least someone is reading. So they hate me, they are still tuning in. This is how "Geraldo" has lasted on the air so long. It's a sign of success, & a sign of being Sarakastic.

4. Eat chocolate covered cranberries. I have an entire box of these & was trying to save them as gifts. Now there is finally an excuse to break them out. I love feeling emotionally bereft, it has the best food of any emotion.

5. Put things in perspective. There's so many horrible things going on in this world & my one sided blog fight does not matter. My life is extremley lucky, I'm very blessed. If I was talking to my mom right now she would tell me to forget myself & go to work. I don't have time to be in a tailspin, there's a lot of good left for me to do & I need to go find that. Yes, this was disappointing, but I've been through worse, like when "Cop Rock" was canceled. Ohhh "Cop Rock" is another great pick me up. I think I will go watch the clip of the baby merchant.

5. Have three number 5's on my list, because I can!

5. Be courteous. I'm not going to get in some sort of cyber fight over this. I'm writing this on a blog the other person will hopefully never read, I'm not disclosing details. I'm going to let it go. Well first I'm going to write this post that subtly mocks Geraldo, (It was not Geraldo, or Martha Stewart, we are still on good terms as far as I know, give me a call G). After that, I'm going to let it go. I'm going to be graceful, like one of those women in black & white movies who are always walking down staircases.

6. They say that love comes from within. Luckily, I am my own favorite person, so I think I'm good to go.

I know I come off as kind of sarcastic, but I thought the name explained that. Plus I feel like I'm restrained enough. If you could only see the things that stay between me & the delete key. So to everyone who is not Geraldo, (Just kidding G, really I am, I watch your show every night, love you forever) & everyone who has not sent me hate mail today, Thank you! Plus, now I am distracted by an e-mail I just got saying that in exchange for my personal information I will get two boxes full of 12 million dollars to build an orphanage in my home country. Remember, there's always tommorrow.


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

I have received a couple nasty comments - one was even a track back slamming me! Nice. It definitely threw me - I am a people pleaser. So it is not an easy concept for me.

Good tips - I will have to remember those. :)

Julie Carobini said...

You have chocolate covered cranberries? I want some!

Okay, seriously. Can I borrow this list when I start getting similar mail after my book comes out? (Love the walking down staircase image, btw.)