Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where I will be in 2057

Everytime a TV show, or movie depicts a nursing home they are always dancing to 40's music sweetly. Depending on the movie, they might be swing dancing. The old ladies are still wearing the same hairdo's & dresses they did decades ago. This got me thinking about what nursing homes will be like when I am old.

1. Instead of swing dancing, we will have mosh pits. All the nursing home attendants will say "Oh isn't that sweet" as people head bang.

2. All the old people will have orange powder on their fingers from their obsessive eating of Cheetos.

3. Being elderly will be associated with blue hair. Not bluish hair, but actual dyed blue or purple hair.

4. We will still be talking about our favorite episodes of "Seinfeld" & "Friends".

5. Old men will be wearing baggy pants while the women will still clinging to hip huggers.

1 comment:

Stacy said...

You had my agreement until the part about hiphuggers. I can't say I want to see old ladies in hiphuggers, wrinkles and thongs poking out of the top.

Mosh pits could definitely be good for the elderly soul.