Thursday, March 22, 2007

Saradelphia - Create custom images

One of the questions that I get asked the most is "Why should we vote for you for princess?". Well, this would be my most asked question if I was the kind of person who didn't intimidate people so much that they are afraid to ask questions. That, & if the princess position was a voting thing. However, I have prepared my platform just in case either of these things change. Here is a little peek of what Saradelphia will be like (Thanks to Virginia for the name)

No more soup at hand, or any kind of soup that is meant to be drunk straight from the can. I don't understand it. Never in my entire life of running around have I thought "I wish I had a can of unheated soup right now, that I could just drink like it was soda".

Matt Damon in every movie. It will be a law.

If a time machine is ever invented, whoever invents it will be obligated to make their first stop the time when pantyhose were invented, & stop that man.

No more phrase, "I'm playing the world's tiniest violin". I don't understand it, I don't like it. It's never funny, but it's the kind of thing that other people have to laugh at, but no one thinks it's funny, so let's stop saying it.

Same thing goes for the word dimensionality. The word you are looking for is dimension, use it.

Vsmile commercials will be obliterated too. Basically, they are saying if you buy your kids a Vsmile, you will turn into an idiot who says "Go play your video games". Way to sell the product.

"Corn Pops" are out, "Silly Corn" is in (Wal-mart's version of "Corn Pops". It really is called "Silly Corn", & the cover is of dancing corn). I would have loved to be in the advertising meeting where "Silly Corn" was the best idea.

Tiara with orange sunglasses shaped like stars is considered trendy.

So there you have it, if you ever get the chance to vote for the princess of the entire world, or get the chance to ask me a question, you are prepared.


Stacy said...

I don't think one votes for princesses. One simply crowns them.

(This is me giving you a cyber tiara and declaring you Princess Sara of Saradelphia and Cyberspace.)

I agree with you, Your Highness, on soup in a can. The idea of slurping down minestrone makes me feel sick. With all due respect, I simply can't agree on the matter of orange sunglasses for the reason that orange makes my skin look yellow. (I don't like yellow.)

Anonymous said...

I definately agree with the canned soup thing. Mostly because I hate the commercials. Of course, I'm pretty sure that if it was up to you every station would show Gilmore Girls 24/7 with no commercials, so I wouldn't have to worry about it anyway.

megan said...

that sounds like a much improved world! but my star shades are hot pink, drat.

LEstes65 said...

From here on in, I will be writing you in for any election of which I am able to take part. Matt Damon in a tiara and orange sunglasses. I'm picturing that right now.

ellesappelle said...

You should take over New Zealand. Most of that stuff applies here except for the Matt Damon thing, and that could be arranged.

ellesappelle said...

By the way, I wrote a blog post based on your idea, except mine is a tyrannical dictatorship - hope you don't mind! Left a link to you, obviously.

Virginia said...

Yea! I thought Saradelphia had a good ring to it! Long live the princess! :)