Friday, April 06, 2007

Saras need your help

I used to make all important life decisions by using a magic 8 ball. My college counselors loved it. However, google is the new magic 8 ball. Stacy tagged me for this cool new meme, you just type your first name with the word needs into google, & it will tell you what you need. I tag Ukrainian Diva & anyone else who wants to try this out. That means YOU. I'm excited about this meme because it means getting to use the blockquote feature. This doesn't happen as much as I like, because I'm my own favorite person to quote. Here it goes.

Sara Needs A Loving, Playful Home

Almost 35% of my results were about Sara's that need homes. Who names their pet Sara? Obviously, Saras do not make good pets. They probably try to take over Canada. Next time you are looking for a pet, please only adopt those who are named Sara. Remember cat Kirk from "Gilmore Girls", that's probably the type of pet that Sara's make. Just call me human Sara.

Sara needs to quit whinin (I'll quit "whinin" when you learn how to spell!)
Apparently Sara is very adverse to any type of slang & thinks of it as a typo.

Sara needs a sense of individuality before anything else in her life can become truly ...
What's the dot dot dot, I would love to know.

Sara needs a lawyer
Sara needs Sara time

I think google knows me a little too well. Saras seem to be quite high maintenance, & a little testy, I really need to work on that whole Canada thing before another Sara beats me to it.


Stacy said...

You not only need a loving home, but a playful one? I guess with the heavy burden of being Future Conqueror of Canada, you really need to be able to relax when you get home.

LEstes65 said...

You know, I'm trying to convince hubby that it's high time to have another kitty (or kitties) in our home. As former Pooper Scooper Extraordinaire, he's not too keen on the idea. But maybe if I can find a Sara kitty to bring home, it would change his mind. I'll be sure to get her a little kitty tiara and append "Princess" or "Her Royal Highness" to the beginning of her name. Think it'll work?

ukrainiandiva said...

Thanks for the tag! I feel much more important now.

Stacy said...

Interview questions for you. We (my minions and I) all wrote a question for you.

From Boris:
1. The creator of Gilmore Girls has noticed your devotion to the show and has decided your wisdom is needed in planning/writing future seasons of the show. She (or he?) has asked you to write a handbook (or decree, if you prefer to call it that) for the show’s writers. What would you demand of the Gilmore Girls writers?

From Stacy:
2. Anna Wintour, infamous editor of Vogue, is about to spread the word that tiaras are the must-have accessory for summer ’07. Ms. Wintour is a little unclear on a few tiara-related matters: Can everyone pull off a tiara (regardless of age, sex, economic class, or beauty)? Does a tiara go with everything or is it strictly for formal wear? Does one have to wear orange star-shaped sunglasses with a tiara? Naturally, she consults you for guidance. What advice would you give her?

From Mikhail:
3. When you take over Canada, what will be the first changes you make and why?

From Vasily:
4. Will you be my date for the Ukrainian-American Heritage Ball, and if so, what flowers are your favorites?

From Ivan:
5. You’ve traveled through time to meet the man who invented pantyhose (and you’ve taken me along because I enjoy violence). What happens then?

-Zachary said...

Ooh, I got a good one, right after ... needs a home.

Zachary needs a family with realistic expectations who will encourage him to achieve his full potential in a highly predictable, safe, stable environment.

I liked this one too...

Zachary needs to convince her that they belong together.

Virginia said...

Hee! I got: Virginia needs assessment.

Truer words have never been spoken! :)