Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This post has not been brought to you by the letter B

The letter B has started to go on my keyboard. I find that I have to type it with gusto. This may not seem like a big deal, certainly not worthy of it's own blog post. Well it probably isn't worthy of it's own blog post. Under normal circumstances, I would probably go buy a new keyboard, but I have a laptop.

I googled the process of cleaning a keyboard, & apparently it takes two hours. This is not counting the amount of time that I will have to spend rearranging the keys after I get punchy
an hour into the process & decide to rearrange all the letters so "Sara is wicked awesome" is on one line. I'm going to have buy more vowels for my keyboard. I'm just concerned that there is something sparkly inside my computer that will distract me & I'll never finish the project.

My first thought was that, "Ahh, it's just the b, I can do without that". Quite frankly, I'm surprised that the b was the first to go, it seems like I use the W a lot more, because of www. & it's presence in the word wicked awesome. I looked up the letter B in wikipedia to try & find out exactly how I could do without it. Apparently the letter B probably started as a pictogram of the
floorplan of a house in Egyptian hieroglyphs . I rarely write about pictograms of Egyptian floorplans, so maybe I'll be ok. That was until I looked at a picture dictionary for the letter b. It was then that I noticed that I would no longer be able to blog about the bandicoot which is a marsupial. Granted, I have never blogged about the bandicoot before, but it was comforting to know that it was there if I needed it. I really was going to start using the word biped too, that's all in the toliet now.

Upon first inspection, if you had to choose a letter to lose, it would probably be v x z. We just don't pay a lot of attention to the latter part of the alphabet. However, these letters will last forever, because the keys are very well preserved from under use, even though they are probably jealous of the h key. The logical conclusion is to start giving all the letters the same face time so my keyboard can detoriate at the same rate.

So the word for today is xiaosaurus, which was a small dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Tune in next time for my thoughts on zeppelins.(See, this is exactly why I cannot start cleaning my keyboard, I get off on weird tangents). What letter on your keyboard could you lose without noticing?


Stacy said...

Very funny stuff, Sara. The letter A is very stubborn on my work laptop, but I've never pondered how I could live an A-free existence. (Unless we're talking about school grades in which case avoiding homework would safely leave one A-free for all time.)

Trish Ryan said...

I'm sorry to hear about your B. I lost a C earlier this year, and I know how painful it can be.

I used to think I could do without z rather easily, but now with the word verification things on blogger comments, the z is getting a workout. Perhaps I should buy a backup...

JenKneeBee said...

I'm of the opinion that we should just get rid of c and v all together. They make my life hell in scrabble. Let's axe them.

GaUtAm sHaRmA said...

seems like a coincidence that only yesterday, i opened up my keyboard, out of shear curiosity and wasnt able 2 fix it up
so i had to buy a new one this morning

Aimee said...

Q - I am neither quick nor quiet. So, really no reason for them at all.

I have trouble with "i" on my keyboard. it either doesn't want to show up at all - or it refuses to be capitalized. As if I'm not worthy of a capital i. sad.