Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well, that explains it

I was watching a "Burger King" commercial where the girl is trying to get the husband to try a shake, & he can't because he is a hologram. More accurately, I was being annoyed by this commercial. To me it says, "you're better off defying science then coming to our restaurant", which is probably not what they were going for. Now, I don't know what the popular vernacular is, if that's a cyborg, or a hologram, pod person, or the creepy robot baby from the last post, so I'll just go with hologram.

Whenever I watched Star Trek, or Star Trek the next generation, I was more focused on the fact that there was only one girl on the ship, & that I would never want to go to outer space because the ship probably reeked of sweat socks.

Naturally, this thought lead me to, Which celebrities could easily be replaced by holograms without us knowing, if they haven't been already? My vote is for Paula Abdul. I don't know if the rumors are true, or if she is indeed just a really bad insomniac. Frankly, I don't care. Watching her show "Hey! Paula" is extremely entertaining, but it's one of those things that I know I shouldn't be laughing at. Something is wrong there, & maybe, just maybe, she's a hologram. It would explain so much.


LEstes65 said...

The lifeless Kevin Costner could be replaced by a hologram. I mean, a hologram could have at LEAST given a stirring speech as Robin Hood. Honestly, if a Robin Hood like him tried to rally my town? We'd have all fallen asleep. I'm pretty sure he's not alive.

Beth said...

Oh, good call on Paula Abdul. Remember Jem? She was one cool hologrammed rocker! I adored her. I would very much like for Justin Timberlake to be a hologram. That way, he could just pop in and sing to me whenever.

Trish Ryan said...

Whoever the ad manager for BK is should be fired - their ads go from creepy to dumb to just gross.

And yes, something seems WAY off with Ms. Abdul. She's like this year's Bobby Brown. She just needs her Whitney-esque counterpart, yelling "Hell-to-the-no!" in the background.