Friday, September 28, 2007

That's one awkward headline

No, I'm not talking about my blog title. I'm not usually all grammar policey. Would the grammar police type grammar policey? I didn't think so. I like to type in one big long paragraph & use commas like they are going out of style. However, I read this "Woman missing after eight days found alive in a ravine" & was a little confused when I actually read the story. I thought that she had gone missing again, after her eight days in a ravine. Granted, the ravine part in itself was a great story. The headline just mislead me that it was going to be a detective story. I watch too much "Murder She Wrote".


Trish Ryan said...

I love it when those emails go around about unintentionally funny newspaper headlines or church bulletin announcments. Truth is so often funnier than anything you could make up.

Stacy said...

I think I know people who tell stories in that type of order.