Sunday, December 16, 2007

Like Coherent Thoughts? Keep on moving

I was watching a movie from 1941 today called something like "Meet John Doe". It centered around a woman reporter who made up a letter talking about how much the world sucks & then had to find someone to pose as the letter writer It's not the kind of movie that I'd usually watch, but we just bought a new ultrasuede couch & I firmly believe that if I watch enough TV I will stand up someday & there will be an imprint from my shoulder blades that looks like a celebrity that I can then sell on ebay. I certainly hope so, it's my retirement plan.

Anyways, this letter inspired a lot of people, the main point of it was "Things suck because we have forgotten to love our neighbors. If all the John Does just took care of the people around them, the world wouldn't suck so much". I thought, "Hmm I haven't heard that in awhile".

Well that isn't true, I hear it in church all the time. I just thought that it was interesting that in 1941, this was in the general consciousness' enough to make it into a movie. I don't listen to Christian Rock, most of it makes me very uncomfortable, so in the mainstream media at least, I haven't heard that sentiment in well... maybe forever. I understand how it's possible that we don't quote scripture in movies anymore, but I'm just wondering what happened to that sentiment? Gosh, now I sound one of those people who are always on the local news talking about how we should edit all movies so they don't contain swear words, I'm not a fan of those people. I'm just saying that I can't remember the last time I saw a movie centered on general human decency. In my world, it still exists, usually in the form of casseroles that neighbors bring over when something bad happens, I just wish that everyone had that.


JenKneeBee said...

Old movies are the best because they tend to combine that good moral stuff with pretty good acting. I watched some Christian based movie a few months ago and the acting was so bad in it that it was just painful to watch.

LEstes65 said...

I was going to put some wise-ass comment about how Showgirls is my moral compass. But all of my attempts weren't funny.

So I'll give you a big "here here!"

~Virginia~ said...

I tried looking for an "Email me" button, but didn't find one. So I'll just leave it as a comment. I found it on Facebook--it's an application called "Bumper Sticker". There's lots of really good ones! :) Feel free to steal it!

Trish Ryan said...

Girl, that is a great post!

The world would be a much better place if the evening news included 5 new casserole recipes a week we could make for the people around us.

And your plan to fund your retirement with the divine imprint left on your couch is nothing short of genius!

ellesappelle said...

Your retirement plan is not that much crazier than some I've heard recently.