Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Minute by minute election coverage

Here is an up to the minute play by play of election night:

2:45 pm If "I don't have any good choices but I believe in the democratic process so I show up even though it's snowing & my state has only elected one party since the beginning of time" ends up winning this election, then I'll know my vote was counted. I'm not sure if that person is a he or a she but I'm sure they'll make a fine president.

3:31 pm This post was originally going to be about how voting is a lot like dating but it turned too cynical. I tend to shoot for sarcasm not cynicism because cynicismkastic just isn't a good name.

3:43 pm Also, I will be referring to snow as opaque rain until at least December, which is an acceptable month for blizzards.

6:03 pm Martha Stewart is showing me how to throw an election day party. This is why the phrase "What the crap?" was invented.

6:04 pm Eagerly awaiting my first viewing of "Whatever Martha" where Martha's daughter basically makes fun of her. (I hope.)

7:42 pm Alexis just admitted that her mother (Martha Freaking Stewart) never threw her a fancy birthday party & usually just shoved a pillar candle in the middle of a pound cake.

More updates to follow unless I get distracted by something shiny.


Packsaddle said...

Excellent coverage, Couricastic.

However, I didn't see Martha Stewart on my ballot today.

What was she running for, Prison Warden?

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I've seen the ads for this show and thought it seemed almost the epitome of tacky. But then, of course, I wanted to see it--just to confirm.

Allie said...

Congratulations on a new president!

~Virginia~ said...

"what the crap" indeed. i've been saying it all day.

Barrie said...

I am having a frustrating day. So, I immediately click over to your blog to cheer me up. Thanks!