Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The amazing Barrie Summy gave me the "Your blog is fabulous" award. This is especially ironic because fabulous is one of those words that I should be able to spell, but can't. As such I have to list five obsessions. Of course, we all know that I'm obsessed with ninjas, kicking people, Canada, & Adam Brody. Here are some new ones:

Words that aren't really words. Granted, awesomisty is a given. However I've also been working on:

awesomability: someone's capability at being awesome.
Jeepsy: It's like Gypsy but in a Jeep.
musetastic: When a muse especially inspires someone. IE Sarakastic is musetastic.

Card catalogs. These are really the only thing I miss pre-information age. Granted, I just barely threw out a shiny set of 1986 encyclopedia Britannica's because they made my bookshelf look smarter. I just loved going through the library & flipping through the little cards. I've always wanted to get one of these from an actual library where I could store my cds. I'd even cut my cds in half to make them fit.

Sebastian. He is my dog & one of the few boys that I don't hate. His mom was a hound dog & his dad was something big, possibly a horse. So he is an 80 lbs dog with a hound dog way of baying. Sebastian is never phased by the deer or squirrels or rabbits but he is scared of wind. When he is frightened he moos like a cow. He is getting old & even though I'm college educated I've been asking around to see if there's any possibility that he will live to be 101. (That's people years, not dog years.) Also on the rare occasions when someone asks me what my favorite animal is I reply, Sebastian. Then they fight with me about how Sebastian is not a class of animal.

Finding service people who won't talk to me. I accomplished a major life long dream today when I went to a new dentist & he didn't try to make small talk while cleaning my teeth. One of the things they should teach you in dental school is that people can't talk while their mouths are wide open. I seriously avoid getting my hair cut simply because I hate trying to gossip with the hairdresser about people I don't know.

My last obsession is never properly finishing a list with the required number of points. My last obsession also totally killed my last point.


ellesappelle said...

My gosh! I feel exactly the same way about service people talking too much! Especially hairdressers.

heidikins said...

My new favorite un-word is AwesomeSauce.


(Moderation word: Debut

The debut of AwesomeSauce on Sarakastic happened here.)

LEstes65 said...

Sebastian is TOO a class of animal!

I go out of my way to talk to service people. But that's a whole other thing than what you're talking about. Which I also get. But where I live, there is a class of invisibles that are mostly doing all the jobs everyone wants done but won't do themselves. I get very angry when I see people walk past these vital workers without even looking in their direction. So I have made a point to smile at, wave at and say hello to all of these workers. Which makes them wonder about that crazy lady that always says hi to them. But that's ok. They've grown to waving and smiling back!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm shocked at how much we have in common. Except you have way more awesomability than me...

Stacy said...

Let me know when you find the fountain of youth for Sebastion, as my cat needs to live to 101 too.

Barrie said...

I just knew your list would be awesome!

Trish Ryan said...

Barrie is right, your blog IS fabulous :)

And I think Sebastian can be whatever creature you want him to be. Just make him a file for the catalog and it will be official.