Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Goals

I'll warn you right now. This isn't one of those fancy blog posts with words. However, this post has heart. Well, it doesn't really have heart as much as it has a sentence in it that says it has heart. Which also meets the word requirement. I am not by nature an optimistic person, an awesome person yes, awesomistic even. However, all of the current news even has me saying about the general population "Wow you guys are downers." As Dilbert reminds us we just need to change our ideas of success:


I promise that the next time I fly I will yell through the entire flight "WEEEEEE I'm sitting in a chair in the sky."


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I dont know who that man in the video is, but I think he and I could get along just swimmingly.

Barrie said...

I will think of this hilarious YouTube the next time I'm on a plane!! And, Sarkastic, you are AWESOME!

~Virginia~ said...

does my new goal of learning to sleep with my eyes open count? :)

LEstes65 said...

You know, everyone has been posting that clip on Facebook and I never had the time to watch it. But I thought, "Well, if Sarakastic likes it, I better watch it!" Dude, I often watch things and later tell people it was "hysterical" but never did more than crack a smile. THIS thing had me laughing out LOUD. At least 4 different times!!!!

Oh thank you, beacon of sunshine!!!