Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Recession Confusion

So I was trying to save money today at the store. I skipped the deoderant that claimed that it could give me softer under arms in less then 30 days. Then I started wondering just how soft my underarms were and how they aged, but no it's a recession, I'll be frugal.

Somehow I ended up in that dangerous no man's land between the men and women deodorants. I picked up something Arm and Hammer and left. Now that I'm home I'm pretty sure that I'm wearing mens deodorant. I have to say that it works a lot better than womens deodorant. Although men probably don't worry about their underarm softness. The very confusing part is that it's an invisible solid. Do men wear invisible solids? My deodorant is having a gender crisis.


Stacy said...

TMI: There is exactly one deodorant brand that doesn't give me a rash. They could triple the price and I'd still buy it.

I don't know if men's comes in invisible solid, but the skin-softening one should. Imagine having soft underarms and being unable to show them off due to having a sticky white layer? The horror!

LEstes65 said...

I've been buying generic lately to save money. I tried my store's generic deodorant. Big mistake. I stank all the time. I didn't even suffer through and finish it off. I went back and bought a big name brand and haven't stunk since. And it's an invisible solid. I haven't tested it out. I don't regularly apply it and then check in the mirror. And since it's cold weather now, no one will know whether it's true to its advertising or not until summer. And then I will walk up to people and ask them to touch my pits to see if any white residue comes off. Yes. I will do that.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I bet you smell baking soda fresh... And if your refrigerator starts to smell, you could just slip your deodorant in there, problem solved.

Barrie said...

Men do wear invisible solid. Jumping onto Alyssa's bandwagon, you could perhaps use your deodorant in your Christmas baking. Ooooooh. gross!!!

Trish Ryan said...

This is hysterical.

I get so frustrated in the deodorant aisle, for exactly this reason. It's not an exciting purchase, I get no identity boost from selecting a certain brand...I just want it to work and not leave white marks all over my clothing. And not cost so much that it eats into my book buying budget. Is that too much to ask?